Beautiful green and Eclipse black beaded bracelet with Onyx accent beads on a strong elastic band. Easy to put on and take off yet sturdy, with the glass bead remaining in place on the wrist while you move. Onyx stimulates the 1st(root), 3rd(solar plexus), and the 6th(third eye) Chakras, guiding our inner strength from depth of our consciousness. $55.00 https://www.paypal.com/ncp/payment/AFP879NK9E2TC

Turquoise, agate and garnet beads accent this beautiful hand blown glass bead. A strong elastic band holds the lightweight bead in place and the bracelet moves with you. A stunning addition to any outfit, for any occasion! Turquiose stinulates the 5th Chakra, right at the throat, opening us up to communication from a more spiritual perspective. Agates carry earthen energy, keeping us feeling grounded while stimulating all 7 Chakras, resonating right up to the crown of the head. Garnets represent the first three Chakras, keeping us grounded in who we are to the core of our being. $55.00https://www.paypal.com/ncp/payment/B74MTNFLYN6HW


Eclipse black and white hand blown glass with onyx accent beads on a strong elastic band that firmly holds the bead in place on your wrist. Onyx inspires inner strength by rooting deeper into the 1st(tailbone)and 3rd(solar plexus) Chakras while awakening the third  eye at the 6th Chakra, increasing one’s ability to maintain focus. $55.00 https://www.paypal.com/ncp/payment/SJKULWKF2HJBQ

Beautifully hand blown glass bead with blue sapphire and blue kyanite accent beads. A sturdy elastic band holds the glass bead in place while offering ease in getting the bracelet on and off. Blue sapphire, engaging the 5th(throat) and the 6th(third eye), enhances our insight, witnessing the truth in clarity. Delicately balanced with blue kyanite, a high vibration mineral that effects all of the Chakras, especially the 6th9third eye) and 7th(crown). Kyanite opens psychic channels, linking physical, astral and causal bodies. $55.00 https://www.paypal.com/ncp/payment/LMLGKDJR8FY98

Fall is the perfect season for fire opals! These colors are just fantastic! Fire opals awakens passion as it resonates with the 2nd(center of pelvis) Chakra assisting in actions that are needed to be taken to fulfill our dreams.$35.00 https://www.paypal.com/ncp/payment/JB7YD7B9TDBYW

Beautiful fire agates for fall! The pattern in the center bead is so cool! A sturdy elastic band creates ease in getting this bracelet on and off. Fire agates stimulate the first three Chakras, the root, the center of the pelvis and the solar plexus. Alignment in these Chakras grounds the energy from the core of who we are, creating an “in the body” experience. $35.00 https://www.paypal.com/ncp/payment/JB7YD7B9TDBYW

The cut on these jade beads is just gorgeous! They sparkle in the sunlight and feel smooth on the skin. The strong elastic band creates ease in taking this off and on while providing confidence in wearing the bracelet all day. Green Jade has an earthy feel, grounding the energy in the heart center, at the 4th Chakra. Known for healing the heart, green jade brings harmony to the mind and body. $25.00 https://www.paypal.com/ncp/payment/NXBXM5K3XEHZG

A strong elastic band keeps these turquoise beads in place on the wrist while feeling lightweight. Turquoise resonates with the 5th Chakra, aiding wholeness and truth in communication.$20.00 https://www.paypal.com/ncp/payment/LJS3JX98X6TVS

Pink tourmaline resonates with the 4th(heart) Chakra, representing feminine divine energy. Tourmaline can be used to repaire the damage done by nagative attachments and abuse, relieving stress, lightening one’s load so they are better able to live the life they love. $20.00 https://www.paypal.com/ncp/payment/RC9TBCJ8U83QQ

I love Lapis Lazuli! Just saying the name is fun! These beautiful Lapis Lazuli chips are a stunning blue and feel lightweight on the wrist. The sturdy elastic band makes it easy to take off and on. Lapis Lazuli represents the 5th(throat) and 6th(third eye) Chakras, activating the psychic centers, deepening the connection between the mind and body so we have clarification in our expression. $20.00 https://www.paypal.com/ncp/payment/HH97ZAQLDQ8VC